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Two Year Olds

Two year olds are in a special category. It is a wonderful age when they are becoming more aware of what is happening in their world but often it can make them feel a little overwhelmed! They also have learnt the magical world of “no”! At Ragamuffins we love two year olds and  have learnt some tips to help you deal with their haircut. One thing that is definitely worthwhile is to try to bring them in for their first haircut before they turn two! We find it is much better to help give them the tools to feel in control of the situation by talking to them, showing them our tools and taking our time. We find they often get a lot of confidence if they are encouraged to sit on their own and mommy or daddy can hold their hands to maker them feel secure. They can watch their favorite show on our Netflix, have a cookie or play with toys or read a book. If they have an older sibling or cousin, consider bringing them along so they can get their haircut together! As a last resort, they can sit on your lap but we find that restraining them often makes them more afraid. Finally, don’t feel bad if they scream through the haircut! At Ragamuffins, we are used to two year old freak outs and we know its just a phase they grow out of. Little children are so resilient and so sweet and forgiving that, over time, they will learn to love the experience of getting their haircut!